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NCS_OneNCS_One Member Posts: 170
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Good Enough --> This is a statistic I made from a group of Friends but iKnow that are Mutch better programmers than I That Breaks The Scale (15..20).

*Pascal ---> 9..10
- Graphic interface for dos with vesa support 2, 4, 8, 15, 16, 32 Bits
- Visual Graphic Shell with internal multitask , communication serial and parallel , Compatible SB , BMP,TGA,PCX Readers(System Implememnted)
-GTDB (GTData Base Pro for Dos)
-Other Projects Of my owne (Ex:OperativeSystem)

*Delphi ---> 8..9
-GTDB (GTData Base Pro for Windows)
-Components (Acess to the GTDB, GTDBEdit, GTDBMask, GTDBMemo, GTDBCheckBox , GTDBComboBox....)
- GTDBReport (Currently Project)

*Assembly --->8..9
(Specially BASM,TASM)(INTEL assembly)


*C - 6..7

*Visual Basic ---->6..7
Some Projects (Like Computer Store Manager and on .....)

Sorry My Inglish

[email protected]


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