sending email using VC++ 5

I am using VC++ 5 and would like to write a piece of code that sends a CString by email (no attachments).

I have searched the internet and cannot find any classes (free) that I can use. I have downloaded CSMTPConnectionMFC Class ( but the demo application requires me to fill in the following details:

Authentification Method

Host Name/ Address
Port No.

Bind to (Any IP_Address or
Encoding (Unicode etc)

I presume this class only works on a server as it asks for Port No. and host name. I would like to use email code as a standalone Win 32 application. My machine is not a server.

Any help would be appreciated



  • Found out how to launch default email program.

    ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "",subject=Whatever", "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    This fills is the address and subject of the email but does not send it. How do i get it to send the email ?

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