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Dear all,

I have a report which could easily have more than 10 pages. I'd wanted the records to have [green]different colors on alternate rows[/green] so that it's easier for end-users to differentiate between records. In order to do that, I had created a rectangular box, and put all the controls(5 text boxes altogether) on top of the rectangular. I make the borders and backcolor of all the controls to transparent and at the same time, the border of the rectangular to solid [black]black[/black], and backcolor [grey]greyed[/grey] if [red]Record no mod 2 =0 [/red]. This turned out to be very nice and exactly the effect as I wanted it to be. My end-users like this format very much too :-D , as it's friendlier to their eyes.

But the problem is, this format wasted a lot of ink when printed out. :-( Is there any solution whereby I can make the backcolor of the rectangular appear only when preview on screen but disappear when printed out?

Tracy Koh ;-)
IT Officer - Singapore


  • Hello Tracy,

    The easy, simple and straight-forward solution, to me, seems to be create an additional report (actually a copy of the existing report) for printing but without the statements for changing the border colors.

    When you want to see the alternate colors on the screen, use the first report that contains the formatting; and the other one without formatting for printing.

    It does not have any overheads as the size of the report template is not considerably big.

    There can be another solution without creating a new report.

    I believe (but have not tried) that you can ask the user (using the Print event of the Report section) whether he wants to print the report, set a flag depending on the user's response and then suppress formatting depending on the value of this flag.

    I would be glad to provide any more help you may need in this regard.

    with best compliments,

    Your Friend In Need.

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