text file transfer using MSComm

Can any one help me with this problem? The program is to
be written in Visual Basic using the MSComm control.I need to get the code that can transfer a text file in both directions(each PC must be able to send
and receice a file).Firstly I need to set the speed for the data transfer. This is to be done by displaying a menu with the different
speeds(115200,57600,38400,19200,9600,4800,2400) and clicking on one of these will set the required speed. I have to read the length of the file to be
sent and "tell" the receiving PC what this length is and display it on the receiving PC. I need to send a start bit, then the file and then a stop bit,then
display a message saying that the transfer is finished.I should input the data from one file and output it to another. The program should also ask for
these two filenames at the very start. I know that this is a lot to ask but I've been trying to do this for a while and I can't manage it.Can anyone give me
the code and tell me what to place on the forms etc; THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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