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I teach a beginning Assembly code laboratory. We have a lab set of seven labs, and a project. For the students, this is the first time they have ever seen assembly code, however they do have programming experience in C++. Recently, the professor I work under has told me that the labs I give are too complex, and need to be easier. I will admit that the students, at first, get quite frustrated. However, this goes away eventually and I look at that as a good thing. They have only Debug, and MS-DOS EDIT to work with. I'm going to post links to the lab set... If you happen to be in an industry that uses x86 assembly programming, I'd like to know if completing these labs would give a student basic skills that you would find sufficient.

you can access the labs at:

This is an older page, we have since moved the material to another system. However, all the current labs at there save Lab #1 and the final project.

Lab 1 is just an introduction to Debug.

You can email me at

Any input you have is helpful. I try to make a few new labs every semester, so the lab set is constantly changing. There are a few areas I know need improvement, for instance, many students get confused when the DISPBCD procedure in lab 5 destroys some register values... It needs some Push and Pop stantments appended and prepended to it.


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