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Whole number function

Mr. HawkMr. Hawk Member Posts: 12
i'm haveing a bit of trouble creating a whole number function that returns a true/false boolean variable. I've narrowed the problem down to what i believe is the math that the function contains. Or if there's an easier way of doing this i'd like to know it as well.

i've included the code that i have so far, mabye that'll help a bit:

Function PerfectSquare(intNumber) As Boolean
[b]intNumber = Sqr(intNumber)
intNumber = dblNumber Mod 1[/b] 'INCORRECT!! - I need to know what to put here so that 'intNumber'
'would equal a whole number or a decimal that would return 'FALSE'
If intNumber <> 0 Then
PerfectSquare = False
PerfectSquare = True
End If
End Function


  • GazzaladGazzalad Member Posts: 85
    This will tell you if its a whole number or not:

    Private Function flgWhole(dblInput As Double) As Boolean

    If dblInput = Int(dblInput) Then flgWhole = True

    End Function

    Is this what you meant?

  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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