Need to find a good web tracking script.

I've been searching the net for a free, GPL'd web site tracking / statistics script that I might be able to use on my personal web sites. However, although I've found several good scripts, none of them seem to offer the features I desire with an easy to use interface. At any rate, I finally decided to go with "Access Stats" (located at: It's not the cream of the crop, IMHO, but it's got the basic feature set I desire with a simple one-page interface.

Now here's the problem. This script does everything I want, except one thing. It doesn't log which pages were accessed (or display them in a nice list of most accessed pages). Now I would assume that this is an essential feature of any web statistics package, but A/S doesn't perform this function. It completely overlooks pages accessed.

So I guess my question is this, does anyone know of a similar free web statistic solution that might be worth checking out? Or has anyone already altered (or could they alter) Access Stats to count page hits and display their overall popularity? I went through nearly every option on Hot Scripts, but I couldn't find anything remotely close to what I wanted. Likewise the Author of A/S never responded to me.

Any help would be appreciated.
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