Electronic document management in ASP/VB?


first of all thanks for a great site. Very informative and helpful.
First thing I was wondering about was if it would be possible to get the files/source code needed to create a similar user login system to the one you use? You see I am doing my final year dissertation project at university which is to create a electronic document/content management system for a company which will have the users (employees) login through their web browser. Once logged in they should be able to access the file repository part of the server and browse/create/open/modify/delete files/folders there according to their user privileges. In addition there should be some file version control so that the user will know which is the correct version to use of a document. This is all meant to help clean up the server and keep it clean through avoiding file duplication and users wasting time working on old/wrong version of files. If you or anybody you know can help me out either by providing guidance on which programming language approach to take on this problem or maybe even have some files/code that I could use then that would be great. I am thinking about running it all through ASP and use visual basic, but would that work? I am running out of time though. Deadline is from mid April until the end of April and at the moment I have some basic login procedure in place together with a separate program (application made with visual basic, but not running in a browser) that works like windows explorer and I also read in a visual interdev book that version control can be done quite easily.
PS! Server is running on Windows NT, but the client PCs are Win95/98/2K
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