Web/Wireless Programmer needed for project

For all interested!

I am in search of a programmer that will be a business partner. For my Los Angeles based wireless company.

I am looking for someone who has experience in MySQL, JAVA, J2ME, C++, WML,WAP etc , who can design an entire database and website. The design has to be made to allow users to log-in to the system, and customize the content they receive on their wireless devices. The application should support all browsers, systems and wireless devices (I.e. 2way, PDA and Cell phone). Cellular users should we able to point their WAP enabled device to a .ws (WML) website to manipulate and make changes to their content needs. There will also be a need for telephony interaction with the database and the application.

I have been in the software and Internet industry since 1995, I was recently part of a partnership that had a good product but was poorly managed from the CEO. So I started this company. All aspects of the business are finished now we just need to build it. I am looking for a programmer who is willing to invest time and committed to being apart of something big. At completion I will be seeking $5 M in venture capital from private investors who are waiting for me to produce the product. Initially I will be receiving a first round of financing for start-up fees.

I am not looking for you to invest money. All I need is the right programmer.

You will be given 15% of the company for the first year and an additional %5 the second year. You will share in 50% of the net profits.

Who is the right person?

This person will be reliable, motivated and is willing to work after his or her regular job for a short term to reach a larger goal. You must work quickly and efficiently. Once we get to the point of hiring, we will hire a complete staff "dream team" of people to take over your job so we can work on ideas to expand and improve the business.
Send your resume to [email protected]

After I read your resume I will contact you if I am interested.

I only need one top programmer

Thank you for your time


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