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Hey everyone -
Working on a simple VB program, all it needs to do is write/read from 2 dbs. I had it working fine, but I realized both used the Default name of Data1. I needed to be able to reach them by code, and do stuff manually and I couldn't figure out how I could do that with them both named data1 (on different forms). So I changed the name on each one, then when through each instance of the code and changed it - it doesn't work now. Whats up? Any suggestions?



  • You sure you renamed the correct instance of Data1 the correct new name?

    Form1.Data1 = dat1 (or whatever you renammed it as)
    Form2.Data1 = dat2 (or whatever you renammed it as)

    and that you didn't name Form1.Data1 dat2 in the code somewhere?

    Thats all I can think of without knowing exacly what's goin on. I'd have to know more info to figure it out if that's not the problem

    - N473

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