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Connecting a different computer with a cgi-script

peterbraspeterbras Member Posts: 1
Hi there,

I want that remote computer "a" connects to remote computer "b" and that computer "a" stores data from a form in the database at computer "b". So computer "a" has to "talk" with computer "b".

This I can not solve on my own.I know php but at my work they decided to try cgi-scripts.
Below there is a example how far i got: should be the IP adres from computer "b"

$dsn = ";dsn=DBI:(mydatabasename)"
$dbh = DBI->connect ($dsn, "username", "password");

$username = param ("username");
$password = param ("password");
$naam = param ("naam");
$adres = param ("adres");
$postcode = param ("postcode");
$woonplaat = param ("woonplaats");
$telefoonnummer = param ("telefoonnummer");
$email = param ("email");

$sql = "INSERT INTO mytablename (username, password, naam, adres, postcode, woonplaats, telefoonnummer, email) VALUES (";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($username) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($password) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($naam) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($adres) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($postcode) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($woonplaats) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($telefoonnummer) . ",";
$sql .= $dbh->quote($email); $sql .= ")";

$dbh->do ($sql);

print h1 em center ("Gebruiker $naam te $woonplaats is succelsvol toegevoegd");
print hr;

# Disconnect from the database

We have no proxy server running als we do not have an ODBC running.
Database server is an MYSQL.

I really hope someone can help me with this. I really need your help!

Much thanks!

Peter Bras.
The Netherlands

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