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Looking for a sequencer

DarQDarQ Member Posts: 1,625

Since I was 9, I started to program and compose music for the (old) MSX system. Now a days I still compose my music on my MSX (with new wavetable soundcard called MoonSound) but I'm actually also looking for a step-time sequencer for Windows, a very good one.
Unfortunatly I have used progs like Impulse Tracker and stuff like that but those programs are absolutly not as good and user friendly as Moonblaster for my MSX.
You guys know a good one for Windows?

Greetz from DarQ


  • maltemalte Member Posts: 1
    Hi DarQ!
    This post is a bit older I guess, so perhaps you allready found one. If not you might want to take a look at buzz . That one is great.

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