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NT "Hot Key"

I run virtual Dos Boxes across a network. My Autoexec.nt

logs me into many servers. I would like to assign a

"hot key" (i.e. ALT + P) that would type my password for

me. Can I do this?


  • I wrote an app that does something like that once, types a certain text to where the caret is, for that i used the keybd_event API(), straight forward.

    Now the hard part, keeping the keyboard focus in the old app when a task switch occurs, my app was on 95/98 only so i used a timer and the ThreadWalk API from the toolhelp sdk, AttachThreadInput() to every thread so that WM_SETFOCUS would have the correct hWnd in wParam (old focus) and not NULL. It's a lousy technique and I'm sure there are better ways! But I hope I atleast showed you of how NOT to do it :)

    Good luck

  • WM_ACTIVATEAPP has the thread losing the focus id in its LPARAM, so you might forget the timer and do something like this:


    AttachThreadInput(GetCurrentThreadId(), lParam, (BOOL) wParam );

    return( 0 );

    case WM_SETFOCUS:



    return( 0 );

    Havent tried this but might actually work!

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