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HI Developers

Without trying to sound spammy we are looking for programmers for a new RPG like game if you are interested please email me.


  • rajinitk4rajinitk4 Member Posts: 4
    hai iam interested in joining your group i would like to know further details regarding this. i have finished my science) recently and looking for a good opportunity to develop some good applications. looking forward to join your group.

  • GameCypherGameCypher Member Posts: 7
    We are developing a RPG/RTS and need someone with good solid Direct X skills. How is your 3D Programming, Sound Programming, and your ability to get a job or project done. We also need to know what kinds of things did you work on in school and have you done anythin on your own. What are your strong points, What are your week points and were do you excel in your compter skills?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You
    Bearfoot Technologies
  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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