automatic merge/print COM object

Automatic merge/print COM object



We are trying to develop a COM object to automate the

following process so that it can be called in a batch

type mode on an NT server.

accept input data file name - list.csv (say)

accept merge template file name - list.doc

accept merged output file name - list.pdf

run MS Word to perform the mail merge

output results to the Acrobat PDFwriter print driver

to produce the output file.

We can acheive most of it but the problems we get are

1. stopping or overidding the dialogue boxes for the

print step,

2. detecting any errors that may occurr inside MS Word

and being able to process them - the thread locks up.

We have tried several variations but it seems to be

getting very long winded and it should be simpler.

We welcome any suggestions.



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