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HELP..... installing SQL Server evaluation on PC

kennerkenner Member Posts: 5
Hey Everyone,

I have installed the SQL Server admin training kit on my home pc and am trying to install the chapter databases... it states to run bldlib.cmd at the dos prompt followed by the chapter (4 to 15), the Server Name (if it isn't local) and Password... I have tried various combinations...

The server is the local machine so I tried it with and without (OEMCOMPUTER) and there is no password for the server..

C:SqlimplExerciseldlibldlib 4
C:SqlimplExerciseldlibBLDLIB 4 OEMCOMPUTER
C:SqlimplExerciseldlibldlib.cmd 5
C:SqlimplExerciseldlibBLDLIB.CMD 5

and then just for good measure...

bldlib.cmd 4 OEMCOMPUTER
bldlib 5

and after 2 hours I still get the good ole bad command or file name message.... Could someone out there please help????

Thanks, kenner


  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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