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How do I get rid of the title bar in a Form ?

sebseb Member Posts: 1
I programed a desktop character using the Win32 gdi. I wanted to try it in c#. The technique is to create a window the size of the character (say 60 by 60) an use MoveWindow to shift it and BitBlt to fill it.

Moveing, and painting to the form I've managed but I can't get it to shrink beyond some minimum size. I think it has something to do with title bar

I've use FormBorderStyle options but none of them quite work - FixedToolWindow comes close but the title bar is displayed

Also - Have you come across a equivalent function to SetWindowRgn
I haven't really looked yet (just being lazy)

If you can help I'd appreciate it - Cheers


  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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