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COleDropTarget.register fails ...

murphmanmurphman Member Posts: 10
Hi Folks,

I have an app. in the ViewClass I have an COleDropTarget object.
I call in OnInitialUpdate() the mMyOleDroptarget.regsiter(this).

Then I get a runtime error in CHtmlView::Refresh2 ??????.

I have a downloaded sample project here. I think that should work, but gives the same error.

can somebody help ?
thx & bfn

Maybe this configuration is a problem ?
For some reasons I have complete VC++6 and a german VC++7(beta2) installed ( i am playing around with gdi+). Though I am using only the vc++6 I have set the directories to the vc++7 include and lib paths, too.


  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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