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I am running windows 98. Does anyone know what file(the bit file or something else) from mysql website that I need to download.
your help is appreciated.

your friend.


  • Hi there,

    OK, you need 3 things. Firstly, you need the MySQL database server. You want to download the windows binary from - a direct URL is:

    Then you need to use PPM to install the DBI and DBD modules so you can use MySQL databases from within Perl. I wrote these instructions for a webhost...a lot of them seem clueless about installing Perl modules...or maybe I've just had a bad experience.

    1) Go to a MS DOS shell.

    2) Change directory to where Perl is installed (e.g. cd C:PerlBin

    3) To run Perl Package Manager, type: ppm

    HINT: If you can't locate the folder where Perl/PPM is installed, the type:


    dir ppm /s /b

    NOTE: You must be on the drive that Perl is installed on, probably C:

    4) Once you're in Perl Package Manger, type:-

    install DBI

    And it should install DBI.

    5) Then type:

    install DBD-Mysql
    And it should install the MySQL Database Drivers.

    6) Once that's done, type exit.

    Hope this helps you out!


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