change the size of the stage dynamivally

I'm trying to make an menu in Flash. I want it to be like the windows menus, (you know for example in your browser file, edit, ...), and when you hover over an item a list with items like save, save as, ... appears when you scroll out of that list it disappears.
To this point it is easy,
BUT how can I make the flash stage where all the objects are located on change its size corresponding to the users action.
What I mean is the bar(file, edit, ...) is e.g. 50px high, when I select an item the list appears and the bar + the list are e.g. 500 px high. The problem is that I can't let the stage be 500px in height all the time because then:
a) when no list is selected you would see a big white area
b) it would use the half of the window which is definitly shit
so I have to set its height to 50 when nothing is selected and to the needed height when a list needs space to appear

I hope you understood my problem and can help me
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