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Newbie question - How to make my program communicate over Internet ?

OtmarOtmar Member Posts: 7
Anyone could help me ?

thanks!! :D


  • pritaeaspritaeas Member Posts: 274
    : Anyone could help me ?

    Could you specify what you need help with?

  • OtmarOtmar Member Posts: 7
    : : Anyone could help me ?
    : Could you specify what you need help with?
    : pritaeas

    Of course sir

    Well, i want to program a card game over internet to 4 players. So i need to send information about the cards to everybody. Also,i want to know how to make a chat on it

    THaNks :D

  • DevelopmentDevelopment Member Posts: 222
    Ok you need to make a client and server for this your client will be the game and the server is the backbone of your game this will get the information sent via the client and send it to the rest of the players and the same for the chat you can find basic client/server side help files in the delphi demos dir if you need more help please give me a mail at [email protected]

    good luck
  • SimonTSimonT Member Posts: 32
    If you are not afraid of Direct X, you can use the Direct Play to comunicate over internet. It is designed for games, so it is ideal for you.

    The best Direct X for Delphi is called DelphiX search for it on Google.

    A sample program is included, so I'm sure it won't be hard for you to make your game work.

  • OtmarOtmar Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Simon and everybody else who replied!

    I'll try DelphiX,ty SimonT

  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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