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windows programmer

I currently attend college majoring in computer science, previously I have had a job as a database application developer. My knowledge includes C, C++, Java, Win32 API architecture, MFC, SQL server, Active X, dynamic HTML, ISAPI, Windows NT, I also poses MCP certification. I am looking for a part time employment in Chicago or chicago suburbs.

h1.italic {font-style:italic; text-decoration:underline; color:rgb(255,0,0); font-size:13pt}

h1.normal {font-style:normal; text-decorattion:none; color:rgb(0,255,0); font-size:13pt}

A.italic {font-style:italic; text-decoration:underline}

A.normal {font-style:normal; text-decoration:none}

function changeText()


if(h1_1.className == "normal")


h1_1.className = "italic";

A_1.className = "italic";




h1_1.className = "normal";

A_1.className = "normal";




If you or your firm is interested e-mail me at

[email protected]


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