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ASIO 2.0 Interface problem

TomyTomy Member Posts: 35
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I'm using the free Borland C++ Builder for my apps and there's the following problem:

After downloading the ASIO 2.0 SDK from I tried to run their example. Since it's ment for VC it did not work at all. So I tried to use their SDK to write my own app: a big mess.
Many problems, so I tried to re-write the host-part of the SDK
Enumerating the avaiable drivers: no problem, creating the IAsio Interface: no problem, but there is the weird error occuring: I can only acces 1 function: the next function gives a prorgam crash (win2000 closing the app due to an internal error).

So one thing I could do:

IASIO *lpAsio;



Then next code works with some drivers, and only if I cancel the controlPanel modifications, otherwise hangs @ lpAsio->Release():


The following code hangs @ lpAsio->Release()

lpAsio->getChannels(&In, &Out);

Allocating some buffers and starting in/out is really a big mess
Is anyone having a clue?



  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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