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Basic DirectX8 'shell' for Windows Programming


Its been a long time, but I am getting back into windows programming.

I was wondering if anybody knows of a basic shell for getting started?

The sort of thing I am looking for is just a simple window app with the standard menus and dialogs that initialises a DX8 app ready to render stuff. Registry registration & install/uninstall wizard is something I am interested in too.

Once I have a basic 'shell' I plan to archive and use it as the 'starting blocks' for my apps.

I'm using Visual Studio 6, under XP pro.



  • aritostelesaritosteles Member Posts: 10
    Have you installed DirectX 8.1 SDK? You can download it from Microsoft's site. It comes with quite a few samples and source code you can use.
    I guess you'll have to make your own shell, because all the initialization you have to do depends on what part of DirectX you want to use (DirectX Audio, Direct Input, Direct Play, DirectX Graphics, DirectShow...).

  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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