Switching from ASP to PHP, should I?

Hey everyone,

I've learned ASP in the past few months and I have to say, I fell in love with it, however lately in my life I'm starting to change my mind since I've heard terrible things about IIS 5.0 and I've also been learning alot of Unix/Linux and Apache lately... so I had been given the idea to learn PHP and use it over ASP since it's alot better.

I know ASP, I'm making a webpage in ASP and I'm considering dumping everything and converting to PHP. Should I? Which language do you think is better? If it interests anyone to know, my website uses alot of database access (right now using a Access MDB one) as well as the whole package of cookies, file uploading, a hand-made message board, etc...

So, anyone can help me out? I'm totaly confused on which language to use... and I really hope that someone is kind enough to help me out (this is my first post!)...

Thanks in advance!
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