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A little help with developer forms 6i, ORACLE

dannyerldannyerl Member Posts: 20
Hey guys, how are you ?, fine ? good. I'm working with Developer Forms 6i for an RDB Database ORACLE.
I need some help in order solve a problem, and believe me, i'm really worried because this
message don't let me go on, so,
1st) i need to know what does it mean "parameter value was truncated at execution"
2nd) What should i do to fix this problem.

I call a procedure from a button in a WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger, after the exception raise the control returns to the trigger and raise the another exception WHEN OTHERS error # 100501non-ORACLE Exception. The OCA error is after WHEN OTHERS exception.
For your help, Thnak you very much guys !!
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