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checkbox refreshing problem

ArnieArnie Member Posts: 155
i have a few checkboxes that looks a little something like this:

[] something1
[] something2
[] something3

if a user checks one box, lets say for example they checked something3's checkbox and clicked the button remove, then the list of checkboxes would look like this:

[] something1
[] something2

but, if you click refresh in netscape/ie, then it will try and do the same operation again (i.e. remove the 3rd item in the list) but of course, there is no 3rd item anymore and it goes to an error page. how do i stop this from happening? i noticed that when i perform a remove, the action remove is included in the there a way to make sure that refreshing wont repeat the latest action made?


  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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