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How to connect MS SQL server using php

simsim Posts: 40Member
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Can anybody help me on how can I connect to my SQL server database using php.Can you inspect why this code will not work upon connecting to the SQL server database? I'm just new to php and I am practicing it right now.

php code ex:

$conn = pg_Connect("dbname=SQLSERVERDB port=80");
if(!$conn) { echo "Error in connecting to DB
"; exit; }
$result = pg_Exec($conn, "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE surname '$NAME' ");

Thanks for the help.....



  • SouldrinkerSouldrinker Posts: 143Member
    dunno how it exactly works... rtfm ;-) - search for "msql" in function reference, the documentation there is pretty good :-)

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary
    [email protected]

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