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Pulling data using POST...

porksoda2K2porksoda2K2 Member Posts: 13
I do this to pull data from a CGI script using POST method:

$sock = fsockopen($server, 80, $err_num, $err_desc, 300);

if ($sock == false)
print("Problems upon connection to ".$server." !");

fputs($sock, "POST $page HTTP/1.0
Host: $server


while (!feof($sock))
$lines[] = rtrim(fgets($sock));


Any ideas why the site doesn't look as good as if I browsed to it when outputing the $lines array? It's not identical... :(



  • SouldrinkerSouldrinker Member Posts: 143
    maybe some parsing error? maybe there are some special chars that the other script puts out that might have to be parsed out the code?

    if this is not the problem I have absolutly no idea - the code you are using is fine ;)

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary
    [email protected]

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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