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Installing linux on more than 1024 cylinder hadr disk drive

simsim Member Posts: 40
How can I install my redhat 7.2 on a 20 or 40GB hard drive. Can any body tell me on how it will work?

Thanks a lot!!!


  • Null and VoidNull and Void Member Posts: 1,202
    Unless you have old hardware (or an old BIOS), there shouldn't be any issues with cylinder limits. To quote the Red Hat 7.2 manual (which I just downloaded from

    While partitioning your hard drive, keep in mind that the BIOS in some systems cannot access more than the first 1024 cylinders on a hard drive. If this is the case, leave enough room for the /boot Linux partition on the first 1024 cylinders of your hard drive to boot Linux. The other Linux partitions can be after cylinder 1024.
  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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