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2 questions

BoloaokoeBoloaokoe Member Posts: 7
again, i have a laptop. when booting it tries to do something with the pcmia. apparently with what i have read, it has something to do with my cd rom that is in my laptop. anyways, the booting process stops when it comes to the pcmia part. so i tried to go around this and do an interactive boot. so i just said yes to each thing except the pcmia part and then it continues but then my screen blinks on and off. very strange...exactly the stuff i wanted to get away from with windows...but im guessing this is my fault and being novice. any help would be appreciated. thanks for helping with my last post...also...about how many people use linux worldwide...why isnt it more popular"? thanks...cheers


  • Null and VoidNull and Void Member Posts: 1,202
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    The only laptop I tried to put Linux on (it wasn't mine, and I used an OLD distro) gave me some problems. I'm not much help with this. Have you seen:

    : thanks for helping with my last post...also...about how many people
    : use linux worldwide...

    From (the Linux Counter project):
    I guesstimate that between 0.2% and 5% of all Linux users have registered with the Linux Counter. So the total number of Linux users is probably between 2,585,720 and 64,643,000 people.

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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