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Help Reduce clutter...

bikibiki Member Posts: 492
It would be great if the default 'Subject' for a message being replied to is not the original subject with a prepended "Re:". For example, see the [red]C++ board message thread "declarations, array with non zero based index"[/red] and on this board [red]"meaningless question titles"[/red] thats way too confusing when a thread has so many discussions on it!

Why not change the default method of "Re:"+subject to something neater, like "Reply" or "---" or "Ref" or something like that ?



  • bikibiki Member Posts: 492
    there is nothing written in this message

  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    I like the current way of handling this as that seems to be the standard.

    For example it's the way its used in your email and Usenet news client.

    But I can of course be wrong and I could change it if enough users wanted that.


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