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about the form

I HAVE MADE ONE TEXT BOX . THE NAME OF TEH TEXT BOX IS CVOMING FROM ASP PAGE. I HAVE THE CHECK BOX IN THE FORM,. I WNAT THAT WHEN I CLICK THE CHECKBOX THE TEXT BOX WILL BE DISABLED. I AM NOT ABLE to disable the text box. the problem i is that the name of text box is coming form asp page so if i use teh javascript tehn that also dont apply on this
pls help me out

the code is here

Response.write ("")

Response.write (" ")
Response.write (" ")

i need it very ssooon


  • gigsvoogigsvoo Member Posts: 328
    There are one way to do this:
    - Make the control by a frame or inside a single form tag.
    - Write a javascript to read thru all controls inside the form tag and if the type is a textbox, then disable it.

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