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BoloaokoeBoloaokoe Member Posts: 7
what is pcmia...everytime i install redhat on my laptop and then try to run stops at pcmia and freezes...which is exactly what im trying to get away from (yea im a windows user).


  • Null and VoidNull and Void Member Posts: 1,202
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    I assume you mean PCMCIA.

    PCMCIA stands for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. It's a hot swappable card standard that you'll most often see in laptops. I have no idea why there would be any problems with the boot process, and there's too little information available for me to really help you. I'm not completely familiar with how Red Hat boots (every distro boots somewhat differently, you see), but you might want to try booting in maintenance mode (if you're using LILO, boot with "kernel-name single" to access it).

    Assuming that you don't use PCMCIA: If it boots in maintenance mode, check the /etc/rc?.d directories for scripts or links to anything having to do with PCMCIA. Either move them out of their directories, or delete them. I may be wrong about how Red Hat handles its init scripts; if that's the case, ignore this paragraph.

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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