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Dynamic URLs with Java Beans

dmjoshdmjosh Member Posts: 12
Hi all -
I'm really pulling my hair out on this one and am facing a pretty harsh deadline.

I am writing a pretty basic contact management web app. In one page "employeeExpansion.jsp", I am pulling all of the employees in the database down using a Jakarta's DBTags tag library. This returns a list of employee contact IDs, and I am then setting the contact ID to my employeeInfo bean:

' />
Bean's ContactId =

This all appears to work correctly. When I click on the resulting URL, I want to display a page with all of the Employee's pertinent information (title, address, etc.) This is all handled through the bean. The resulting page (employeeInfo.jsp) begins with the following jsp:usebean tag:

But it isn't allowing me to get to the selected Employee's information.

I assume that this is a scoping issue, but I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Could someone please point me in the right direction or give me an idea of how to handle these dynamically generated URLs better?



  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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