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wireless work in MA

I work for an established startup in MA looking for experienced
engineering talent. We are in our very early stages of development
and are looking for Principal/Consulting level engineers to join our
team and company as we grow. I have the following positions available
and would be delighted to hear from anyone whom might be interested
in exploring these roles further.

1. Principle/Consulting Software Engineer, Windows Client
This person will be responsible for leading a small team of
engineers to develop an integrated Windows client including
network protocols and a management utility. Minimum 10 years
experience with NDIS protocol and application development on
Windows 98, NT, 2K, ME, and XP platforms.

2. Principle/Consulting Software Engineer, Embedded Network Management
This person will work as part of a small team developing the
embedded network management system including CLI, web, and
SNMP protocols. Minimum 10 years development experience on Unix
or embedded systems in C/C++, and network management protocols.

3. Principle Engineer, Database Access
This person will be responsible for developing database protocols
on an embedded system to query standard SQL/LDAP databases.
Candidate must be familiar with databases and XML translation tools.
Minimum of 7 years experience with Unix or embedded systems
development in C and C++.

We are in the process of moving to our new location (which should be
completed by 8/19/02). Until that time, resumes can be forwarded to
[email protected] I will update this post with our corporate
emailing address when we have our systems up and running after the
move. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to post these openings
in your forum and look forward to hearing from those whom might be
Ed Nathanson


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