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Nucleus Embedded C/C++ programming

Hello Sir,

Let me put where I am In Nucleus... I am just a beginner ( with Zero practical implementation). pretty strong in RTOS concepts.. strong enough on POSIX Coz i work on SOlaris and Linux ...

I need your help for setting up an environment to work on Nucleus. I have the software.. I installed it. It asks for a compiler, and when I looked into the net, DIAB C/C++ compiler was the solution (Pretty Xpensive for a individual to buy it). What is your advise on that (Can any other GNU compiler be used? if not i need to wait to catch up the DIAB one from somewhere...probably a day or two).

I also need to know the IDE that can be used . how do i setup a IDE for development ( Is there any Open GNU or Not much Xpensive one... Which one are you using... WHich one is preferred ? )... I am stuck here and couldnt go ahead.... I can try some programs and get some confidence, if this part is cleared...

Your sugesstions and advise would be of great help.


  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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