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Short application to flush texture memory of video card

OlliKOlliK Member Posts: 1
I'm not a programmer, but I'm creating 3D graphics for commericals and movies using several software packages like Maya, 3dsmax and Lightwave.
In our actual project we have to fill a virtual sports arena with 60000 photorelistic people. The idea is to use 2D sprites of filmed persons. We filmed 70 persons with 5 cameras from different angles to have the possibility to switch between these angles. In the worst case at least 20000 "people" can be seen at the same time. This means that we would need 20000 diffent shaders! No system could handle this. So we are going to render this in hardware.
Well, this is working, BUT....
... The texture memory seems to cache the loaded bitmaps. Five to six frames are rendered correctly, then the 2D sprites are rendered grey.
What I need is a short application which flushes the texture memory every time when it's executed. I can write an expression in Maya which executes this small application before every frame is rendered.
The 3D system Maya uses is OpenGL.
I also have the possibility to write and compile the application by myself, if someone tell me how because I know someone who own Visual Studio.Net.

Thank you



  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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