Using .list() to get files from a directory

What I am trying to do is send multiple files through email but when I send the email it is only attaching the first file in the folder. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Here is what I have.

//This will list the file names in the folder
var newArray = new Array();
newArray = new File("c:\development\Api");
job.listArray = newArray.list()

//write file names
writeln("FILENAME" + job.listArrays);
/* Here is what I get

listArray = sequence/__sequence_of_any [

/*Now if I go to send an email and want to attach these files to an emailI do this but it only sends the first file in the folder.

strAttach = new[0]);

var an = new;

var part = new Packages.javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart();
var bos = new;

// Insert the attachment(s) into the attribute node. The node name is irrelevant.
an.append("attachment", bos.toByteArray());

// Put the attribute node to a job slot. Use this job slot in the 'attachments'
job.put("attch", an);

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