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directX and 3D studio max

blookblook Member Posts: 3

i would like to draw all my game objects in 3D studio max and then use the textured models directly with directX. how could i do that ?
I heard something vague saying there was a tool to export the 3Dsmax scene for directx. Then you only need to print it at the good location on the screen and it's finished !!
no longer need to map the textures by hand...

can anyone help me ?!
thank you very much,



  • GiantGiant Member Posts: 225
    Hi Vincent.

    There are a few ways that you can do as you wish. The first would be to use the 3ds to x converter which actually comes with the DX SDK. This will convert 3D Studio Max files to the native DirectX file format, .x. You can then load the .x file as you wish. There is lots of info on this.
    Another way that you could do it, is as I am trying now. You can export the 3D Studio Max file as a .ase file. This is an ascii file specifying all the info. You can then parse this and create your own file format, which you can customise to your needs.


  • blookblook Member Posts: 3
    first, thank you very much !
    i just have a question, about the .x format :
    it is a directX format. Is directX able to read from this file all the datas of the scene objects ? I mean, do we only have to tell directX "put the object car of the file something.x at this place in the game" ?

    which version of 3DSmax do you use ? I have the 2. i guess it is quite old now ;-D

    thank you again,


  • GiantGiant Member Posts: 225

    .x is the DirectX default object file (I think) I dont think that you would hold all objects in a scene in 1 file. From what I can guess from using 3d Studio Max, you would only store 1 Object in each file, then load these files.

    I use 3D Studio Max R3. If you want to have ASE files, you dont choose Save As, you choose Export, then follow the instructions for an ascii export. Check out my page tommorrow, and I will have an example of how to do it.

  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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