How do I configure a secure site

Hi Fellow programmers,
I'm a bit web server security using PHP on Apache server. I need to create a secure site that I have to access via https://.... but I don't know I to o about it. I've heard of SSL but can't figure out how to implement this task.


  • Hm... It's something you have to add in your apache-configuration File ( "httpd.conf" ) - There are some documentations on this topic, you can find it on

    SSL means secure socket layer, it has nothing to do with php in the first step, php is a serverside-script language - ssl is some transfer-protocol the server uses to communicate with users - all the data you send over ssl-protocol ( PHP, CGI or HTML ) will be encoded with some 24 digit key, only host and client knows - so no one can "sniff" the data while it is transfered.

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