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Z80 TI-83 programming

does teh TI-83 use an interrupt system like a PC? also,where can i get all teh hex values for the assembly opcodes? i dont want to get a link cable and want to code directly on my calculator


  • blipblip Member Posts: 756
    No, it doesn't use an interrupt system, just CALLs to the system and ROM page switching via ports if required. Look on for opcode hex values, they're there somewhere. I don't think you can code directly on your calc, but try writing a debugger for it (I'm already doing one).
  • dartsmandartsman Member Posts: 88
    You can only type in the opcodes. It would be cool if you could type in asm, but I found learning some of the hex codes for some of the stuff is handy. I assemble my .z80 and look at the .obj file. I will have the lines of hex code. You need to know where to cut off some of the unwanted hex code in that .obj file. I'm only learning asm and I don't know all advanced stuff yet.



    Ps. Try the code if you like pulling your batteries out! Cool lines and all though.

    Make a new program called ASMPRO and put: (in the file)


    Then at the Home Screen type:


    And press enter.

    Have fun pulling out your batteries. :)

    Note: I can't be blamed for anything that you type into your calculator. I just put the above for a sample program of how to run a assembly program. I CAN NOT BE BLAMED FOR ANYTHING THAT THIS CODE MAY DO!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! THIS WORKS ON MY TI-83+, IT HASN'T BEEN TESTED ON 83.
  • blipblip Member Posts: 756
    Aww, I only have a TI-83 and its ASM capability doesn't work right. :-( My TI-86 is cool w/ASM, tho. To prevent crashes, put C9 at the end of your code entry and make sure the stack is balanced.
  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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