C# and large numbers ( crypto )


I'm trying to do som cryptowork in c#. But I can't seem to find out how to use really big integers in c# (big meaning: 10^10000)

I know there are som buildt-in crypto features, but not the functions I want.

RSA cryptoscheme:
Ek(x) = x^b mod n
Dk(y) = y^a mod n
where x is plaintext to encrypt and y is ciphertext to decrypt

The thing is, the numbers (a,b,n)are really big primes (n > 100digits)

I am for the time beeing working around the problem by using the square-and-multiply function. But I still want to work with big numbers if I am to implment my own version of e.g. RSA, which require a primenumber-generator (and later in different systems a random-generator)

All in all:
I need large numbers to work in C#, so please help me.



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