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content management


When a user asks for a document a document ID is passed as well, so I know what he wants to see. I split up my layout in 3 areas (td's) and want to include code in it depending on the document id. I don't like to edit my file everytime I want to add a page (where page means the html or asp code for one of the areas) to it. I thought of storing the name of the include files in a database, so it knows what file to include, but I've got some difficulties with that. I can't include files dynamically with #include (so I should edit the file when a new page is added). If I use response.redirect or response.transfer to include a file I can't use any parameters in the include file defined in my total page. If I use session variables, It won't work when cookies are not enabled. So, that is no option.
So I came to the conclusion not to use include files but store the code of the include file in case of the location of the include file in the database (in a memo field). But that would make it a very large database and I think it is not a very fast solution.
I'm still looking for better solutions, who knows what the best way is to dynamically include my content. (objects like fso are not enabled)

All comments are welcome,



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