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PHP programmer needed for help with my site

UniqueneoUniqueneo Member Posts: 5
Can someone help me please, i have had sooo many nights of relentless debugging and headbutting the wall, basically heres the situation, is a non profit making website. We need a members area and i have written a script, for logging in and signing up, thing is that they are not authing or inserting into the database, i dont know whats wrong if its the script or he database. I need someone who can help me with this, ill show them the scripts also the database, but its not a job as in you will get paid it will be volentry just like me and Chris are (Chris is the perosn who helps me do the html)

please please help me someone, contact me at [email protected]
(please remember this is volentry and we dont get paid so nor will you, sorry)


  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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