Adoce controls for EBV

I have developed an application for PocketPC device, the application is a Microsoft Access based one, which is used for data collection.
Now i want to write a similar application for another terminal which had WINCE 3.0 OS.

I feel that the same application cannot be directly ported onto the WinCE as the application platform development is different for pocketPc
terminals and WINCE terminals I have installed the platform for WinCE i have also installed the ADOCE control downloaded from the web and it
is working fine for PocketPC terminal i.e.
when i open the Embedded Visual Basic (EVB) applicaition development
platform for PocketPC i am able to see the ADOCE controls in the
Project-->references option and when i select that i can use the control in the application
But the same when i open the EVB application in the Windows CE platform there are no ADOCE controls available under the Project-->references
Is there special ADOCE controls available for WinCE terminals , if so
can u pass on the link...anyone?

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