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Need help with vbulletin, selecting by the day

KrelianKrelian Member Posts: 10
What I want to do, is select the users that have been online starting from midnight. Like a list of users online today. Anyway, here is the current code that I have:
$loggedins=$DB_site->query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE userid > 0 [b][/b] ORDER BY invisible ASC, username ASC");

I want to select user by:
$currentday = vbdate($dateformat,time());
$lastloggedin = vbdate($dateformat,lastaction);
With the difference between the two = 0. How do I put this in the above code? I have tried (vbdate($dateformat,lastaction))=(vbdate($dateformat,time())) and it didn't work. Any other ideas?
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