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Size of Access Database

msrossmsross Member Posts: 1
We have an Access97 based DB that is accessed over a network using 5 Windows 98 PCs. The PCs use NetBEUI to connect.

Recently the Programs that connect to the DB have slowed down (generally on DB access)
We have compacted the DB, but it is still about 150Mb. (It was 200oddMb)

Is there a rough guidance that specifies how large a DB should be?

Would changing the network protocol affect the speed? If so, Which would be better?

Many thanks for suggestions.


  • llunnllunn Member Posts: 63
    NetBEUI is as fast of a protocol as you will get, regardless, your selection of protocol shouldn't be a noticeable difference regardless of the protocol you use to converse through the network.

    An access database can be up to 2GB in size so that defintely isn't your problem. Is the DB on a server? If so what OS is the server? Are you using Linked Tables? Have you made any recent changes to the topology of the network (hardware, new services, etc) before you noticed the speed?


  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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