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Canadians Only

lucidialucidia Member Posts: 14
We need a VB.NET programmer who is willing to re-locate to Northern Ontario. (Sault Ste. Marie)

We do lots of cutting edge stuff here and then we go play outdoors in Nature because we can.

This is a place where lifestyle is as important as the work we do. We think this is the reason we are one of the fastest growing companies going.

Here is the deal.

We need someone who codes using VB.NET and has experience with the .NET architecture.

This person will be required to take a lead role from micro requirements to coding.

We are looking at 6 months to start and would be interested in finding someone who might like to live up here longer term. (Northern Ontario is a dream for those who do not like the city) If you are money driven - you need not apply. If you are committed to long term successes you will fit in just fine.

There are 9 of us here and things are very cool. As a team we go camping, canoeing, lodging, snowmobiling, and drinking etc... on a regular basis. Its a good place to be.

We are also very dedicated to getting or jobs done.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity / lifestyle.



  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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