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christerhaardchristerhaard Member Posts: 1
Hmm this will take time to explain. . . ok I have a database where i have a uniqe counter field which is the order number for lets say a computer. The counter is also the computers serial number. But a customer might want to buy 5 computers so instead of makin 5 orders for the same product I have a field that explains to the user that the customer want's 5 pcs of this product. But the problem is that all 5 computers will now get the same serial number both on the sticker in the back of the computer and in the database. Not so good if the customers wants a uniqe individual serial number.

So what I would like to achive is that based on the number of products in the "number of pcs field" I would like the serial number field in the report to get an extention and print ser# 521458-1 and ser# 521458-2 and ser# 521458-3 and so on. The number of print out's of the order sheet is the same as the value in the "number of pcs field".

I have tryed to find a page count field or such but I cant get it right. Please help.

/ Chris

By the way does anyone know how i can make the "number of pcs field" automatically print the same number of copies as the value of the "number of pcs field" based on the code below

DoCmd.OpenReport DocName, acViewPreview, "computer order filter"


  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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